Colbert County | FY 2019 | Grant Announcements

Announcement of 11 recently completed projects throughout Colbert County, made possible through grant funding provided by Northwest Alabama RC&D in partnership with the Alabama Legislature in the amount of $38,264.00.

New Bethel Elementary School – The New Bethel Elementary School serves approximately 160 students from Pre-K to 6th The schools saw the need for a covered picnic area. Students from an agricultural construction course at Cherokee High School constructed picnic tables and a covered area was installed over the tables to provide extra shade and seating for the students to use today and for years to come.

Cherokee Walking Trail – The Town of Cherokee is in process of a long term plan for a community walking trail. Funding was used to pave a ¼ mile of the walking trail located just behind the town’s community center. Playground equipment has been donated and BBQ grills added to the area for the community to enjoy and utilize.

Lila Barnett Food Bank – The Lila Barnett Food Bank located in Sheffield, AL is dedicated to serving Colbert County. The Meal Barrel Project seeks to enter the fight against hunger by becoming a community partner, and assisting needy families with fresh, healthy food options that are readily available. Around 1500 people were helped through the funding of this grant. Many volunteers assisted in the efforts for the Winter Feeding project.

City of Sheffield – Riverfront Park in Sheffield is a mile of inviting shoreline on Pickwick Lake including boat lunches, fishing piers, docking facilities, picnicking, walking trails and restrooms. The City of Sheffield saw a need for a redesign and a few upgrades. The funding from this grant supplemented the concept and design costs related for the City of Sheffield. These efforts are to enhance the overall appeal of the park for the community.

Colbert County Commission – The Colbert County Commission recognized the walking trails at Alloys Park were in need of upgrading. This funding of this project was used to improve the safety and usability of the hiking trails and enhance the overall usage of the park.

Flags for Cherokee – Flags and flag poles were placed at Cherokee’s Veteran’s Memorial Park, honoring each branch of the military. Seasonal banners will be displayed along Main Street as an added tribute to our Veterans and the sacrifices made in service to our country.

Sheffield High School – Since receiving this grant for audio equipment for the gym at Sheffield High School, over 232 people have been served. This equipment is used for the recognition of academic excellence for students and extracurricular events. The equipment has benefitted the high school and the community greatly and will continue with future events, activities and projects.

New Bethel Elementary School – New Bethel Elementary has served the community for over 100 years. The playground area was in need of resurfacing to ensure the area was safe for small children. The funding of this grant helped correct the problem by purchasing rubberized border and rubber mulch to the surrounding area. The project has increased the appeal, safety and longevity of the playground for 160 students, as well as the community members that frequently play here after school hours and during the summer.

Colbert Heights FFA – The Colbert Heights FFA greenhouse was running low on material. Through the funding of this grant material and items were purchased from a local seed store. Continued efforts to maintain the greenhouse were needed to ensure students also would not only have enough seeds for the greenhouse to meet its potential but also to learn how to grow their own food.

Oka Kapassa Festival – Oka Kapassa Native American Festival promotes cultural learning exchange by brining over 1,000 local 4th and 5th graders to Spring Park to learn about the customs and history of the eight Native American Tribes who are represented. This festival exposes students and the local community to living history experience to enrich the understanding for the past.

Colbert Heights High School – Colbert Heights Engineering Program provides opportunities for students to have fun in learning and see world connections. Providing outlets for students to use creativity, math, science and prior knowledge to learn new things and solve problems. The money obtained through this grant were used to double the robotics equipment inventory. As well as, the purchase of supplies to aide in building robots for the best robotics competitions.

FY 2019- Colbert County Grants