2017 Projects

The Northwest Alabama RC&D Council consists of five counties: Lauderdale, Colbert, Franklin, Marion, and Winston. The office is located in Tuscumbia.


Ballfield Fences: Funds were used toward the cost of materials for fencing in a third field for T-ball teams in the Town of Arley, Winston County.

Barn Quilts: Funds were used to continue the Quilt Trail promoting agri-tourism in Lauderdale County.

Best Fire Protection: Funds were used to purchase to purchase new equipment for LaGrange Volunteer Fire Dept. in Colbert County.

Body Camera Project: Purchase two Body Cameras and an external data drive for data storage for the Haleyville Police Dept. in Winston County.

Brilliant High School Chromebooks/Computer: Purchase computers/Chromebook for students at Brilliant High School, in Marion County.

Coal Festival: Funds were used to assist in the promoting the festival in Town of Brilliant, Marion County, by purchasing tee shirts and advertising.

Classroom and Lab Computers: Funds were used to purchase six laptop computers, one desk computer & monitors and five LCD computer monitors for Meek Elementary School in Winston County.

Communication via Tech: Funds were used to purchase 8 large flat screen televisions with mounts and Google Chrome license to use throughout the campus at Russellville High School in Franklin County.

Community Partners for Education: Purchase twenty-five computers and one charging station at Phillips High School in Marion County.

Computer Lab Update: Funds were used to purchase sixteen computers for Tharptown Elementary in Franklin County.

Computer Upgrades: Funds were used to purchase thirteen desktop computers and monitors for teaching staff at Lynn High School in Marion County.

Coolers for Kids: Funds were used to purchase milk coolers for the Child Nutrition Program in Franklin County.

Electrical Safety Training: Funds were used to conduct illustration of home electrical safety to science students in five schools in Lauderdale County.

Equipment for Weight Room: Funds were used to purchase weight equipment for the football team at Hackleburg High School in Marion County.

Digging In – Phase 2 of Telling Our Story: Funds were used to contract a researcher to identify, document, and source information related to the development of agriculture in the Florence and Lauderdale County.

Emergency 2-way Radio System: Funds were used to purchase Emergency 2-Way System for Town of Bridge in Winston County.

Foster Grandparents: Funds were used to assist in providing five foster grandparents to special need students in Lauderdale County schools.

Get Smart: Funds were used to purchase two smart boards at Phillips Elementary School in Marion County.

Girls Softball Field Improvement: Funds were used to purchase a wind screen for the outfield fence of the softball field and a sound system at Hackleburg High School in Marion County.

Hazmat Suits & Equipment: Funds were used to assist in the purchase of Hazmat Suits for the Marion County Fire Chief Association.

Horticultural Center: Funds were used to build a greenhouse at Waterloo School Horticultural Center in Lauderdale County.

Integrating Technology into the Literacy Circle: Purchase 10 book sets for classroom library at Tharptown Elementary in Franklin County.

Installation of Safety Rails: Funds were used for the manufacturing, installation and painting of safety rails in the office of Elgin Fire Dept. in Lauderdale County.

It’s a Dickens Christmas, Y’all: Promoted the Dickens Festival in Tuscumbia, Colbert County, as part of the Tuscumbia Downtown Redevelopment.

K-1 Intervention: Funds were used to purchase eighteen mini IPad for Haleyville Elementary School in Winston County.

Lamb Jam!: Funds were used to cover the cost of an outreach event educating attendees on the positives of lamb meat and local food and providing a meal made of local lamb and other ingredients.

Main Street Renovation: Funds were used in assisting with the installation of detective lighting in the Town of Brilliant in Marion County.

Marion County Envirothon: Purchase t-shirts, binders, snacks, registration fee, and mileage for students in Marion County to attend the state competition.

North AL 4-H Pig Squeal Project: Purchase Priefert Show Pig Pens for the 4-H organization/AL Co Op Extension Service in Colbert County.

Outdoor Classroom – GW Trenholm: Funds were used to set up three outdoor classrooms, sunshade over existing station, and a bird/butterfly sanctuary at GW Trenholm in Colbert County.

Outdoor Classrooms – SWCD: Funds were used to purchase materials to build Learning Stations on Soil Erosion, Soil Profile/Bug Motel, and a Rain (Barrel) Garden and install in various school in Lauderdale County.

Operations & Maintenance on Water Systems: Funds were used to used to install a water filter system for well water to make it safe for human consumption on LaGrange College Site Park in Colbert County.

Overlook Wall Project: Funds were used to built an overlook wall along the river adjoining the 1840 historic bridge in Sheffield, AL in Colbert County.

Portable Power Supply: Funds were used to purchase 4 dual fuel, 4750 watts portable generators for the Haleyville Rescue Squad in Winston County.

Project Hope: Funds were used to provide free tutoring, mentoring, counseling, snacks, and educational materials for the after school program for At-Risk students in Colbert County.

Rail Spur for Franklin County Commission: Funds were used to offset the cost of engineering for an access road into Phil Campbell Industrial Park in Franklin County.

Shoals Earth Month Festival: Funds were used for expenses such as entertainment, t-shirts, tent rentals, etc. for the Festival held at Florence Tourism grounds in Lauderdale County.

Super Citizen Program: Funds were used to assist in providing consumable supplies, bus tours, teaching resources and t-shirts for this program located in Winston County schools.

Tailgating With Local Food: Purchase local meat and produce and pay a professional chef to prepare a meal with the local ingredients for an outreach event promoting local food at UNA’s Preview Day during the football game; more than 300 people were served.

Team Colbert – One Team, One Goal, One Legacy: Assist in funding field trips for students in Colbert County schools to expose them to local history.

Testing Prep Material: Funds were used to purchase new computers and smartboard at Double Springs Middle School in Winston County.

Town Hall & Community Center Improvements: Funds were used to install an alarm system with monitoring at the Waterloo Community Center in Lauderdale County.

Veteran Flag Poles: Funds were used to purchase new flag poles in Vina Park in the Town of Vina, Franklin County.

Volleyball “Net Desperation Project”: Funds were used to purchase a new volleyball net system for Phillips High School in Marion County.

What “Chrome”: Funds were used to purchase six Chromebook for Tharptown Elementary School in Franklin County.

West Elementary Outdoor Classroom: Funds were used to refurbish the outdoor learning area and get it back to a usable, sustainable and educational conducive environment at West Elementary in Franklin County.