2015 Projects


A-Z Project: Grant funds were used to purchase subscriptions to Learning A-Z for 13 teachers at Hackleburg Elementary School to benefit students’ reading/language arts skills.

Addison High School Baseball/Softball Concession Building: Grant funds used to purchase building materials for the new concession building with restrooms.

Amphitheater & Riverbank Erosion Control: Purchase and install materials including an amphitheater to improve the riverbank below the Old Railroad Bridge.

Art Carts for Schools: Funds used to stock art carts for Winston County Schools to promote fine arts, proven to help students perform better in academic subjects.

Barn Quilts: Funds used to start a Quilt Trail promoting agri-tourism.

Brilliant Elementary School Campus Beautification/Landscaping: Grant funds were used to purchase landscaping materials, wood materials for a privacy fence, and paint/supplies to make the campus more appealing.

Brilliant High School/Technology Science Department: Buy technology to upgrade the Science Department.

Change is in the “Air” Project: Grant funds were used to purchase 12 iPads and protective cases for Hamilton Elementary students.

Classroom Document Cameras: Purchase 16 document cameras to be used in Russellville High School classrooms.

Colbert County Forestry – Smokey Bear Project: Purchased educational supplies to hand out at schools & events to teach kids how to prevent forest fires.

Colbert County Road Department Advisory Signage: Purchase materials to replace 140 advisory signs and 57 support posts around Colbert County.

Computer Lab Upgrade: Purchase 4 desktop computers for the Brilliant Elementary School students to use in their computer lab.

Communication and Information Storage: Purchase technology that enables the One Place of the Shoals investigators to better communicate and process information more quickly.

Courthouse Clock Tower: Purchase replacement parts and to pay for installation of the parts for the historic courthouse clock tower in Winston County.

Double Springs Playground Equipment: Grant funds were used to purchase a new playground structure for Double Springs Elementary School.

FOOD TEAM for At-Risk Youth: Hired a professional chef to teach culinary classes to SPAN students.

Foster Grandparent Parent Program of Franklin County: Grants funds were used to place senior volunteers (55+) into Franklin County Schools to work one-on-one with special needs students by covering costs, supplies, travel, etc.

Franklin County Envirothon: Grant funds were used to purchase t-shirts and materials in support of the Envirothon events which benefit high school age students as it tests their knowledge and skills in a competition.

Greenhill Community Center Ceiling: Grant funds were used for the purchase and installation of a new ceiling in the Greenhill Community/Senior Center.

Growing Students through Outdoor Classrooms Weeden Elementary: Grant funds were used to purchase materials to build outdoor classrooms for students to learn how to plant and grow fruits and vegetables.

Haleyville 9-1-1 Festival: Grant funds were used to help cover the expenses associated with this free, annual event that positively impacts the community.

Hamner Park & Memorial Fields Erosion Project: Purchase and installation of materials to help resolve the erosion issues in the Town of Arley sports complex.

Hatton Elementary – Technology Grant for iPads: Purchase 3 iPad minis, protective covers, and app cards for special needs students to use at school.

Imagination Library: Purchase books to mail to young students in Franklin County participating in the Imagination Library program to encourage reading.

Indian Mound Clean-Up: Grant funds were used to clean up the Indian Mounds after storm damage that occurred in late 2014 in Hamilton, Alabama.

Kirby Park Clean Up: Purchase dirt for ball fields to correct major flood damage.

Lagrange Living Historical—Lightning Rod: Purchase and installation of lightning rods on top of old, historic buildings located on the LaGrange College site.

Landscaping Project: Purchase concrete, tables, and a sign to develop a landscaping rest area in front of the Hackleburg High School stadium.

Lexington Public Library: Purchase and install new shelving in children’s section of the Lexington Public Library so the children’s books could be properly displayed.

Literacy with Technology: Grant funds were used to purchase 16 Nooks, 4 iPad minis, eBooks, and an electric piano to benefit the seventh grade Reading, English, and Voice classes at Tharptown High School.

Littleville Senior Center Update: Grant funds were used to buy new chairs and tables as well as update the floors for the senior citizens.

Lovers Lane Public Park Upgrades: Grant funds were used to purchase new playground equipment and provide for continued maintenance.

Lynn High School Upgrade & Safety Project: Grant funds were used for the purchase and installation of new security cameras.

Marion/Winston County Cogongrass Project: Grants funds were used to purchase sprayers and herbicides that will be available to treat cogongrass infestations on private property in Marion and Winston counties.

North AL African Heritage Festival: Grant funds were used to pay for materials needed at the festival, including audio and lighting for performers, and to help pay the fee for the Uhuru Dancers that performed at this educational event.

Northwest AL Lamb by the River: Cover the costs of an outreach event educating attendees about lamb meat and local food and providing a meal made of local lamb and other ingredients.

NW AL RC&D Eco Cold Storage Trailer Support: Retro fit Northwest Trailer.

NW AL RC&D Local Food Promotion (State Meeting): Sponsor local farmers & artisans to be able to display educational materials on farms & local food.

NW AL RC&D Tailgating With Local Food: Grant funds were used to purchase local meat and produce and to pay a professional chef to prepare a meal with the local ingredients for an outreach event promoting local food at UNA’s Preview Day during the football game.

Oka Kapassa Native American Festival (Council-Wide): Implement a 2 day Native American Festival. One day is dedicated to elementary students learning about Native American culture and the second day is open to the public. This festival received several tourism awards for its effective delivery. okakapassa.org.

One on One Mentoring Services Technology Support: Grant funds were used to purchase 4 new laptops for the Big Brothers Big Sisters staff, accounting software, and to pay for the BBBS of the Shoals website fees.

One Place of the Shoals Building Security and Technology Project: Purchase building security and technology including a card reading system, a panic button, and a strobe light from Certified Alarm; televisions and wall mounts used to monitor the security cameras; and phones for One Place investigators.

Operation GROW: Cover expenses accrued for the educational Operation GROW classes which were designed to educate veterans on agriculture to give them opportunities to pursue agriculture as employment.

Overton Farm Restoration: Begin restoring Overton Farms to allow students and groups to have access to the area again.

Playground Equipment at Alloys Park: Grant funds were used to purchase and install playground equipment at Alloys Park in Colbert County.

Renovating Former Nat’l Guard Armory Building: Grant funds were used to renovate the floor, ceiling, and entryways of the former National Guard Armory Building in the Town of Guin.

Russellville Middle School—Social Studies Technology Initiative: Purchase tablets for the Social Studies classrooms to be used for educational research.

Safe Center Communications: Grant funds were to purchase a computer system to help communication about weather situations for the City of Haleyville.

Science Activities/Labs across Grade Levels & Curriculums: Purchase lab supplies & safe storage space for students studying science at Haleyville High School.

Senior Center/Central Unit Project: Grant funds were used to help pay for the purchase and installation of a new central unit at the Lexington Senior Center.

Spring Park Cleanup and Repair: Grant funds were used to purchase new picnic tables and to pour a new concrete slab.

Technology Grant for Smartboard: Grant funds were used to purchase a SMART Board and all of the mounting hardware for special needs students at Hatton Elementary in grades ranging from K-6.

Technology in the Classroom (Smart Boards): Grant funds were used to purchase 2 eBeam interactive boards for classrooms in Phillips Elementary School.

Town of Waterloo Technology: Grant funds were used for the purchase and installation of a security camera and a system to record the images transmitted from their community camera.

Upgrade to Russellville High School Softball Field and Track Software: Grant funds were used to purchase a tarp and field work for the softball field as well as new equipment for timing runners during track meets.

Winfield Elementary Upgrades to Classroom: Grant funds were used to purchase a Promethean Board for the classroom, new music curriculum, and various necessary classroom supplies.

Y Grow!: Purchase a greenhouse, rain barrel, plants, seeds, etc. to build raised beds for year-round gardens for students the YMCA of the Shoals to learn about gardening, food choices, etc.